Executive Staff 

John Petersen, Executive Director
   email: John.Petersen@egret.org
Julia Clothier, Director of Operations
   email: Julia.Clothier@egret.org

Education, Conservation Science & Stewardship

Gwen Heistand, Director of Education & Resident Biologist, Martin Griffin Preserve
   email: Gwen.Heistand@egret.org
Susie Allen, M.F.K. Fisher Last House Coordinator, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Susie.Allen@egret.org
Natasha Lekach, Education Specialist, Martin Griffin Preserve
   email: Natasha.Lekach@egret.org
Jacqueline Levy, Education Specialist, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Jacqueline.Levy@egret.org
Liz Martins, Education Coordinator, Living with Lions
   email: Liz.Martins@egret.org
Claire Hutkins Seda, Weekend Program Coordinator, Martin Griffin Preserve
   email: Claire.Seda@egret.org

Nils Warnock, Ph.D., Director of Conservation Science
   email: Nils.Warnock@egret.org
Emiko Condeso, Ecologist/GIS Specialist, Cypress Grove Research Center
   email: Emiko.Condeso@egret.org
Scott Jennings, Avian Ecologist, Cypress Grove Research Center
   email: Scott.Jennings@egret.org
David Lumpkin, Avian Ecologist, Cypress Grove Research Center
   email: David.Lumpkin@egret.org

Sasha Berleman, Ph.D., Consulting Director, Fire Forward, Bouverie Preserve
    email: Sasha.Berleman@egret.org
Julianne Bradbury, Resource Ecologist, Modini Mayacamas Preserves
    email: Julianne.Bradbury@egret.org
Jared Childress, Prescribed Fire Specialist, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Jared.Childress@egret.org
Michelle Cooper, Biologist/Preserve Manager, Modini Mayacamas Preserves
   email: Michelle.Cooper@egret.org
Alex Hettena, Mountain Lion Research Associate, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Alex.Hettena@egret.org
Henry Inman, Resource Ecologist, Martin Griffin Preserve
   email: Henry.Inman@egret.org
Quinton Martins, Ph.D., Director, Living with Lions, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Quinton.Martins@egret.org
Sheila McCarthy, Living with Lions Field Technician, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Sheila.McCarthy@egret.org
Brian Peterson, Consulting Fire Ecologist, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Brian.Peterson@egret.org
Jennifer Potts, Resource Ecologist, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Jennifer.Potts@egret.org

Maria Figueroa, Custodian, Bouverie Preserve
David Greene, Land Steward, Cypress Grove Research Center
   email: David.Greene@egret.org
Kurt Heffernon, Land Steward, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Kurt.Heffernon@egret.org
Jared Jacobs, Land Steward, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Jared.Jacob@egret.org
Scott Keith, Land Steward, Bouverie Preserve
   email: Scott.Keith@egret.org
Tomas Ruiz, Land Steward, Modini Mayacamas Preserves
   email: Tomas.Ruiz@egret.org
Steve Trivelpiece, Land Steward, Martin Griffin Preserve
   email: Steve.Trivelpiece@egret.org


Erika Obedzinski, Board Liaison
   email: Erika.Obedzinski@egret.org
Nancy Trbovich, Bouverie Preserve Manager
   email: Nancy.Trbovich@egret.org
Barbara Wechsberg, Cypress Grove Research Center Preserve Manager
   email: Barbara.Wechsberg@egret.org

Finance & Philanthropy

Gary Schick, Director of Finance
   email: Gary.Schick@egret.org

Naomi Sultana Young, Director of Philanthropy
   email: Naomi.Young@egret.org
Wendy Coy, Communications Manager
   email: Wendy.Coy@egret.org
Marie Fox, Donor Engagement Officer
   email: Marie.Fox@egret.org
Jennifer Newman, Development Manager
   email: Jennifer.Newman@egret.org
Erika Obedzinski, Development and Communications Assistant
   email: Erika.Obedzinski@egret.org