For the first time in 53 years, Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) has unveiled a new Brand and Communications Plan designed to increase the public’s understanding of our mission, and the impact we make in our communities. This messaging and new brand reflect ACR’s revitalized vision which recognizes that efforts to improve the health of our planet require a multidisciplinary approach that is broad in scope and scale and includes conservation, education, and science. ACR knows that critical environmental issues go beyond the borders of its sanctuaries, and we have a unique capacity to address many of these challenges. The Brand and Communications Plan strengthens our message, makes it clearer and more concise, and does so in a professional, relevant, and contemporary manner.

Most importantly, this strategy communicates how we set ourselves apart by taking action and approaching key conservation issues from three perspectives: protecting and restoring unique and valuable resources, providing the best available science to affect public policy and land use decisions, and inspiring and educating people of all ages to make responsible environmental choices. By collaborating and partnering with other like-minded organizations, we can leverage our strengths to have a greater impact on local, regional and national scales.

Because we have reached this pivotal moment in our natural evolution, we are unveiling a new, more forward-looking logo and tagline that reflects the vibrancy and diversity of our work while honoring a legacy that has protected more than 5,000 acres across Marin and Sonoma Counties, provided nature education to more than 250,000 children, and established us as the leading authority on heron and egret science.

The refreshed logo, with its multiple colors and new, contemporary look, highlights our continuing impact for natural and human communities from the coasts of Marin and Sonoma Counties to the Mayacamas Mountains. The logo’s bold, active and welcoming shape and colors symbolize how ACR is thinking and acting on a much broader scale – demonstrating and fulfilling “Conservation in Action” – and reflecting our values that:

  1. The survival and health of our planet depends on responsible conservation practices that are grounded in science, protect valuable resources, restore natural processes, and sustain human communities.
  2. Protected lands are important for maintaining biological diversity and in understanding the natural processes that direct responsible conservation and land management practices.
  3. The environmental decisions that guide our human communities must be based on the results of research in conservation science.
  4. Inspired and educated citizens of all ages are needed to tackle the complex environmental issues facing our society in ways that acknowledge the intrinsic value of natural environments and provide new and innovative solutions to global conservation challenges.

As you can see, our new brand gets to the root of our beliefs and puts them within a larger context that incorporates human communities and the use of science-based decision-making to build societies that value ecological diversity as integral to our future sustainability.

ACR thanks you for joining us as we build on a Conservation in Action legacy that began in 1962 with the saving of the Marin-Sonoma Coast. Together we will continue this critical work for the benefit of generations to come.