Thinking about all we will accomplish together in the new decade, we want to take a moment to THANK YOU for our work together this past decade. YOU did all this and more during the years 2010-2019:

  1. 2010: Celebrated the 40th anniversary of our education program and engaged 55,000 school children in nature over the decade.
  2. 2012: Acquired and stewarded the 3,000-acre Modini Preserve, core to 12,000 acres of contiguous habitat in the Mayacamas Mountains.
  3. 2013: Studied the abandonment of the Picher Canyon Heron & Egret heronry, revealing ​the natural mobility of heronries, and the conservation recovery for bald eagles, peregrine falcons and other raptors in the Bay Area.
  4. 2014: Acted on the bold vision of benefactor Helen McLaren, who decreed that her Inverness residence on Tomales Bay should be dismantled and the land “left to the birds.”
  5. 2016: Connected to our most elusive wild neighbors through Living with Lions. Our intrepid team, led by Dr. Quinton Martins—and often covered in poison oak—has tagged or collared 20 lions for the study and captured the hearts of thousands of North Bay residents eager to protect these apex predators and reduce human-wildlife conflict.
  6. 2016: Responded to a lack of gender equity in the science fields by underwriting the Conservation Science Intensive, a week-long residential camp for young women ages 14 to 17, intent on pursuing a career in the sciences.
  7. 2017: Embraced the historical and beneficial role of controlled burning in the health of North Bay landscapes. Our Fire Forward team and dozens of landowners, fire professionals and conservation colleagues are improving ecological diversity and reducing fuels ahead of the next wildland fire.
  8. 2017: Undertook the first GPS tracking study of Great Egrets in the Western U.S. Early results demonstrate the variability of egret migration and the strong connection between some Bay Area egrets and their wintering habitats throughout California.
  9. 2019: Marked 30 years of monitoring shorebirds and waterbirds on Tomales Bay—that’s a lot of birds counted!—and Great Blue Heron and Great Egret nesting activites in the North Bay.
  10. Today: Thanks to our supportive and committed community, we are doing better than ever after sustaining significant damage from two major wildfires.

You did all this and more! THANK YOU.