With nearly 75% of the Bouverie Preserve burned during last fall's Nuns Fire, we weren’t sure how or when we would be able to welcome the region's 3rd and 4th grade schoolchildren back on the land. Trails and trail infrastructure were blocked or completely destroyed, and all of our public facilities were lost. However, shortly after the fire, our stewardship, education and operations staff along with determined and generous volunteers began a 5-month labor of love to ready our trails and fine-tune our education materials to address this major ecological event.

Tuesday, March 27 marked day ONE of Bouverie Preserve's 2018 Spring Hiking Season for 3rd and 4th graders, and it went off without a hitch.

Twenty-five 4th graders from Healdsburg Charter School immersed themselves in nature's best: wildflowers, lizards, frogs, and cicadas molting from their exoskeletons, to name a few. In return, nature and our wonderful community of docents guiding the kids heard many exclamations of “This was the best day ever!!!”

The successful launch of the school program enables us to announce several Guided Nature Walks and Twilight Hikes this spring. See all dates and reserve your walk here: calendar.