June 20, 2016

Bouverie Preserve stewardship staff recently partnered with a CAL FIRE crew from ‪Glen Ellen‬ to implement a series of planned 1 meter-square controlled burns in its grasslands and oak woodlands to determine the best control methods for rosy sandcrocus (Romulea rosea). The first set of spring burns was completed in June. Additional test burns will be conducted this fall.

Rosy sandcrocus is an invasive forb with great potential for severe degradation of California open spaces and rangelands. Almost no information is available regarding management of this species in California, though many landowners in the Sonoma County region report its recent colonization.

May 03, 2016

This spring and summer, ACR’s Martin Griffin Preserve will host an eight-week series of Saturday morning talks open to the community and focused on local conservation efforts.

Select Saturdays beginning May 21, 2016, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm.

Picher Canyon Display Hall
Martin Griffin Preserve
Stinson Beach

Schedule of Conservation Talks:
May 21: Regional Heron and Egret Populations, speaker: John P. Kelly, ACR Director of Conservation Science
June 4: ACR’s Mountain Lion Project, speaker: Dr. Quinton Martins, ACR Wildlife Ecologist
June 11: A Fifty-Year Flight through the Cause of Raptor...

April 25, 2016

Sofia Sanchez’s eyes sparkle when she talks about nature. A Sonoma Valley High School senior and an intern at the Bouverie Preserve, Sofia recently led a bilingual hike for Spanish-speaking families involved in ACR’s Junior Naturalist (Juniper) Program. “I was nervous at first, but it was really fun,” she remarked after her first three-hour hike.

Sofia became involved at Bouverie Preserve in October, when her mentor and MGP Docent Deb Piatelli introduced her to ACR’s Director of Stewardship Jeanne Wirka. As part of her senior project, Sofia is required to conduct research that includes a public education element. “I really love nature so the Bouverie Preserve is a perfect place for me,” she says.

Sofia is assisting with the wildlife camera research at Bouverie, where she...

March 22, 2016

March highlights: Great Blue Herons have continued to occupy the colony near downtown Bolinas, with 7 nests in the incubation stage. The heavy rains beginning around Mar 10, which battered and wilted the early Douglas Irises and other flowers that bloomed during the warm days of February, appear to have done little to deter the Herons from their nesting attempts on the Bolinas side of the lagoon. Elsewhere in the SF Bay Area, other heron and egret species are busy with their nesting: Great Egrets, Cattle Egrets and Snowy Egrets have been busy building nests in Santa Rosa, and Black-Crowned Night-Herons have begun hatching in Oakland and possibly Santa Rosa. Great Egrets have continued to be regularly seen foraging around the shores of Bolinas Lagoon, and finally, around the weekend of...

March 21, 2016
Grandmother Tree at Bouverie Preserve

The magnificent Grandmother Tree at Bouverie Preserve has been a source of admiration and a sentinel for many -- our staff, docents and visitors alike. Recent storms resulted in a significant crack in the main stem of the Grandmother Tree.  The photos below show the cool peep hole and the massive branch above the hole.  The crack is at the base of that branch, which means the whole tree is unstable.  Working with an arborist, we determined that this major crack, combined with cracks in other branches, and the fact that the tree has been suffering from heart rot (probably for decades) means bracing the tree will not preserve it for much longer. We have made the difficult decision to fell the tree.

March 06, 2016

Add your knowledge and perceptions of mountain lions to our community knowledge base by answering a few questions on this anonymous questionnaire. Survey time: about 10 minutes.

Click here to take the survey.

Learn more about the ACR Mountain Lion Project >

March 01, 2016

Our Bolinas Lagoon‬ Heron and Egret nesting updates have begun! Highlights from February from ACR Avian Ecologist Scott Jennings:

As February progressed there was increased activity and an initiation of nesting behavior by Great Blue Herons at the Bolinas Colony. The beautiful weather early in the month was met with 4-5 occupied territories in the tall Bishop Pines lining the channel of the lagoon that separates Kent Island from Downtown Bolinas. However, the strong south and east winds that came along with some mild rain in the middle of the month blew right in to the colony, driving the Herons down into the more-sheltered branches below where the nests are located, and onto the mudflats of Kent Island. At the close of the month, 3 nests appeared to be in the incubation stage,...

February 11, 2016
Red-bellied newt at Bouverie Preserve, photo by Ron Berchin

It takes only about 10 seconds of gazing into its eyes to fall in love with a newt. And as Valentines go, newts have a lot to recommend them.

Holding a newt in your hand is among the most intimate wildlife encounters many of us will ever have. They don’t run away, hide, bite, scratch or sting. They don’t slime you with mucus or smear you in musk. Plus they are adorable and just plain fun to watch.

After a good rain, I often see newts padding through the woods with fir needles and tiny bits of debris clinging to their feet, making them appear as oblivious and comical as one of us coming out of a restroom with toilet paper stuck to our shoe.

February 09, 2016

We had a stellar day out on Tomales Bay Saturday, February 6, for our final waterbird count of the season. Besides all the usual suspects, Bufflehead, cormorants, Greater and Lesser Scaup, Surf Scoters, loons and grebes, just to name a few, we had a sweet surprise: the first documented occurrence of Brown Booby in Tomales Bay!

The species, typically found in Mexico southward into Central America, is very rare this far north. Its presence could be related to recent El Nino conditions; the suggestion of a climate-induced shift in distribution depends on whether they continue to occur here in future years.

Every year, ACR coordinates and trains teams of qualified volunteer birders to conduct four boat-based waterbird surveys on Tomales Bay. Each survey is conducted by 15-20...

February 01, 2016

Director of Stewardship Jeanne Wirka and Bouverie Preserve Resource Ecologist Sasha Berleman along with 4 Bouverie Preserve Stewards in January planted roughly 25 red alders and an equal number of willow cuttings on ACR's 2-acre McLaren parcel, completing the tree planting portion of our site restoration plan. The red alder saplings were harvested the same morning from a bog at Martin Griffin Preserve's Volunteer Canyon and transplanted to the site. These trees are key to the reestablishment of a riparian floodplain forest that will support other native vegetation and bird species. Special thanks to our volunteer corps of Stewards!


Near Inverness, close to where the broad tidelands open to the bay, a generous land donation by Helen...