ACR logos

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ACR logo, 3- inches, rgb (PNG)   

ACR logo, 3-inches, CMYK (JPG)

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ACR logo, stacked, rgb (JPG)

Fire Forward logos

Fire Forward is a registered trademark of Audubon Canyon Ranch.

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Fire Forward logo, horizontal, 6-inches, 300dpi, rgb (JPG)

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Fire Forward logo, stacked,  5"x4", rgb (JPG)

stacked,5"x4", CMYK (JPG)

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Fire Forward logo, black & white, sticker-style (JPG)

Living with Lions logos

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Living with Lions logo, 5"x3", rgb (JPG)

Other available material for media and our partners:

ACR has a wealth of high resolution photos and video available, please send request to:

Wendy Coy
Director of Communications
[email protected]
415-868-9244 ext. 123