Dear ACR Community,

With the evolving COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we want to let you know that we as an organization are planning for various scenarios. Your health and safety is primary. While there is still much to learn about coronavirus transmission and severity, we are taking a cautious and conservative approach in order to minimize any detrimental effects to staff, volunteers, and program participants.

Some of the key considerations we are using when making decisions on appropriate responses are:

  • Disease severity (i.e., number of people who are sick, hospitalization and death rates) in our community;
  • Impact of the disease on employees and volunteers that are vulnerable and may be at higher risk for COVID-19 adverse health complications. (Some people may be at higher risk for severe illness, such as older adults and those with chronic medical conditions.)
  • Possible increased numbers of employee and volunteer absences due to illness in employees, volunteers, and their family members, or dismissals of early childhood programs and K-12 schools.

If it becomes necessary to cancel previously scheduled programs and events, our staff will connect with event leaders and registered participants and our calendar will reflect the cancellation. If you have a question about an upcoming preserve visit, workshop or training, please email

You may find useful information in the following articles and updates:

As this situation is rapidly changing, these contingencies will be regularly updated and our community informed. Thank you all for your cooperation.
Be well,
John Petersen
Executive Director