Nature’s guardian: Beatrice Pezzolo receives David Bouverie scholarship for conservation passion 

Nature’s guardian: Beatrice Pezzolo receives David Bouverie scholarship for conservation passion 

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Maria Carrillo High School senior Beatrice Pezzolo awarded scholarship 

Honoring nearly a lifetime of involvement with Audubon Canyon Ranch — including becoming the youngest nest site monitor for the Heron and Egret Project, a remarkable nature guide with expert-level birding knowledge, and the first Juniper Junior Naturalist intern — Beatrice Pezzolo has been awarded the $3,000 David Bouverie Scholarship. Since 2009, we have awarded the scholarship to an outstanding Juniper Junior Naturalist in their senior year of high school.    

Pezzolo, in her role as a Juniper Junior Naturalist and intern, has recruited and trained new Junipers, co-led hikes and activities for children and adults, planned events, practiced land stewardship, designed conservation science projects, and collected data. “I enjoy every minute of it,” she says. She recently analyzed data and presented results of a phenology study looking at how inflorescence (flowering) in the coast live oak varies based on elevation. Phenology is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena. 

“Beatrice is not only an expert on the phenology project and a life-long birder; but she is also amazingly knowledgeable about most of the flora and fauna around her. Her knowledge sometimes springs from unusual experiences, such as caring for her jumping spider at home, and her instant delight in all aspects of nature is contagious to those around her,” says Gay Knight, who volunteered on the phenology study at Bouverie Preserve. 

Pursuing a lifelong dream in conservation science 

Pezzolo has dreamt about a career in conservation science since she was six years old. You can learn more about why she chooses nature here. She will be attending Cal Poly Humboldt and pursuing a degree in Wildlife. Reflecting on her time with Audubon Canyon Ranch, Pezzolo shares: “I’ll never forget all the connections I’ve made, the people I’ve taught, the children I’ve made smile, and the organisms I’ve interacted with. I hope to come back to Audubon Canyon Ranch when I get back from college and continue working for such a beautiful preserve and all that it stands for.” 

Mentors and staff describe Pezzolo as patient, kind, and dependable. Jacqueline Levy, former Education Program Manager, says, “I know she will go on to do great things.” 

Más información sobre la beca David Bouverie  

En 2009, se creó el Fondo de Becas David Bouverie con una subvención inicial de 25.000 dólares de The Dennis and Carol Ann Rockey Fund de la Marin Community Foundation.  

The Fund was established in memory of Phyllis Ellman, a longtime Audubon Canyon Ranch Board member and “founding mother” of Bouverie Preserve’s nature education programs including the Juniper Junior Naturalist Program. Ellman served as a docent from 1980 until her death in 2009.   

The Scholarship Fund provides academic scholarships to Junipers who remain involved through high school and plan to pursue higher education or service in the sciences or environmental education.  

Previous recipients of the David Bouverie Scholarship:  

  • 2023 Josephine Rivera-Hoagland & Josie Eubank, Maria Carrillo High School
  • 2022 Lucas Morthol, Montgomery High School  
  • 2021 Hunter Halkovich, Cardinal Newman High School 
  • 2020 Lucia Garay, Casa Grande High School 
  • 2016 Katy Tracy and Sara Tracy, Windsor High School 
  • 2015 Jared Abramson, Montgomery High School 
  • 2014 Daniel Grubb, Rancho Cotate High School 
  • 2014 Alex Lutzow, Technology High School 
  • 2013 Jason Allen 
  • 2012 Nick Tracy, Windsor High School 
  • 2011 Elliott Smeds, Maria Carrillo High School 
  • 2010 Sophia Grubb, Rancho Cotate High School 
  • 2009 Gerrit Van Sickle, Sonoma Valley High School

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