• Martin Griffin Preserve

Join Wildlife Ecologist Dr. Quinton Martins of Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) to learn about the role of mountain lions and other top predators in ecosystems. As the Founder and former CEO of the Cape Leopard Trust in South Africa, Dr. Martins will share his experiences of studying and conserving Cape mountain leopards in South Africa and working with big cats elsewhere in the world. His work highlights the manner in which charismatic and iconic apex predators like leopards and mountain lions, act as umbrella species, and can lead to broad ecosystem conservation. Details on the trials and tribulations experienced while studying some of the world’s most elusive animals will be shared, along with recounting the significant value in engaging with the public and landowners. Having a passion for conserving mountain cats and connecting people to nature, Martins, now based at ACR’s Bouverie Preserve in Glen Ellen, is heading up ACR’s new Mountain Lion Project, an effort to increase scientific and public understanding of these charismatic predators with whom we share our local habitat.

Biography: Dr. Quinton Martins 

Dr. Quinton Martins is a Wildlife Ecologist with Audubon Canyon Ranch, based at the Bouverie Preserve in Glen Ellen, where he is heading up ACR’s Mountain Lion Project. He is the founder and former CEO of the Cape Leopard Trust, a successful predator conservation NGO based in South Africa. Dr. Martins has over 20 years of field experience in wilderness areas throughout much of Africa, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Quinton turned to studying predators in 2003 and completed his PhD “The Ecology of leopards in the Cederberg Mountains, South Africa” and is considered the world’s leading expert on Cape mountain leopards and a skilled predator trapper. A few years ago, he began looking at large mountain cats on a global scale, and has worked with researchers on mountain lions in California and Nevada. Quinton is passionate about the environment and finding innovative ways to conserve it; also being somewhat of a conservation entrepreneur, generating funds for conservation in a sustainable manner. He has a particular interest in determining the role of predators in the ecosystem and their use as flagship species for broader environmental conservation – connecting people to the environment and finding ways to mitigate conflict between humans and predators. He has a deep reverence for wilderness, rugged mountains and the role nature can play in shaping our lives. Quinton is a research associate and fellow at Bristol and Stellenbosch Universities.

Biography: Ginny Fifield 

Hike with Ginny Fifield, ACR Volunteer, Docent, Wildlife Camera Specialist, and member of the Mountain Lion Research Team. From 1:00-2:00pm, following the Mountain Lion Project Conservation Talk, you will have the opportunity to learn about some of the wildlife that inhabits the Martin Griffin Preserve and how to identify field signs of mountain lions, bobcat, coyotes and more.

Conservation Talk : 11:00am- 12:30pm

Wildlife Tracking Hike, led by Ginny Fifield: 1:00-2:00pm

Tickets: $20 non-member / $15 member or student / FREE for children under age 18. Fees support the preservation, education and conservation science programs of Audubon Canyon Ranch.

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