• Red Barn Classroom, Point Reyes

Please join us as ACR Avian Ecologist Scott Jennings gives a short talk on shorebird responses to the Giacomini wetland restoration as part of the afternoon science symposium of the 10-year anniversary celebration of the creation of the Giacomini Wetlands in Point Reyes. Click here for more information on all of the day's events.

Scott Jennings, Avian Ecologist at Cypress Grove Research Center, joined ACR in January 2016 to focus on regional heron and egret populations including field studies, data analysis, technical reporting and conservation planning. After undergraduate studies in vertebrate ecology, restoration ecology, and conservation biology at UC Santa Cruz, Scott worked for many years as a field biologist and Avian Ecologist at PRBO (now Point Blue Conservation Science) where he contributed to a range of projects on songbirds and northern spotted owls. Scott’s graduate research for his MS degree at Oregon State University addressed the relationships between growth and survival of Adélie penguin chicks relative to the type and amount of food provisioned by their parents. Over the last 11 years, Scott has conducted several field studies in the coastal lagoons and hills of Marin County.

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