• San Rafael Rotary

Come to the San Rafael Rotary Club meeting to learn how you can become a conservation ambassador for the iconic cats with whom we share our habitat.

Join ACR’s Dr. Quinton Martins, who will talk about Living With Lions, ACR's community conservation project in the Mayacamas Mountains of Sonoma and Napa Counties, and his work with other large carnivores around the world.

The founder and former CEO of the Cape Leopard Trust in South Africa, Dr. Martins has over 20 years of field experience in wilderness areas throughout much of Africa, Saudi Arabia and the USA. His work highlights the manner in which charismatic and iconic apex predators like leopards and mountain lions, act as umbrella species, and can lead to broad ecosystem conservation. 

The San Rafael Rotary Club meets at the Marin Yacht Club, 24 Summit Drive in San Rafael

Click here to learn more about ACR's Living With Lions