• Martin Griffin Preserve

Come explore the 1,000-acre Martin Griffin Preserve and discover the wonders of nature at three ponds using microscopes, nets, buckets, tubs, and field guides. ACR’s Nature Guide volunteers will be available to answer questions about the diverse aquatic life living in the ponds.

Below are some of the curiosities you may discover:

•Damselflies emerging from their juvenile exoskeletons to turn into winged adults

•Giant toe-biter males with eggs glued on their backs

•Waterboatmen, backswimmers, phantom midge larvae

•Damselfly and dragonfly juveniles

•Newts and larval newts

•Tree frogs and tadpoles

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ACR depends on the generosity of its community to administer education programs such as the Nature Connections and manage the 5,000 acres of wildlife sanctuaries owned by ACR. Upon registering for this event, please make a donation!

For directions to Martin Griffin Preserve, click here.