• Pepperwood Preserve

The Good Fire Alliance of Sonoma, in collaboration with ACR's Fire Forward program, Friends of Mark West Watershed, the Pepperwood Preserve and the UC Cooperative Extension present:

Pile burning for home safety

Join expert land managers while getting hands-on experience with:

  • Creation of safe, clean burning brush and woody debris piles.
  • What permits are needed from air quality and fire districts.
  • How-to sequester carbon and make soil amendments with Biochar.
  • What to cut and not cut for forest-health and defensible-space around your home.

Location: The Pepperwood Preserve, 2130 Pepperwood Preserve Road, Santa Rosa, CA

Cost: Free

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Email questions toJared Childress, Prescribed Fire Specialist for Audubon Canyon Ranch at jared.childress@egret.org