Observer Roster

The Regional Observation Periods for 2023

March 3–5 (Friday–Sunday)

March 18–20 (Saturday–Monday)

Mar 31–Apr 2  (Friday–Sunday)

May 6–May 8  (Saturday–Monday)

June 2–4   (Friday–Sunday)

June 17–19 (Saturday–Monday)

For more information:

Emiko Condeso

Ecologist/GIS Specialist

Cypress Grove Research Center

[email protected]

List of Volunteer Site Coordinators and Observers

2023 Season
Last update: 2/6/23

The observer in bold is the Site Coordinator. Please check for your name and let Emiko know ASAP if you have concerns about your assignment. Note that only sites with volunteer observers are listed below.  For a complete picture of the sites we monitor, see the Map of the Heronries.

 Site Name (Site Number)
Alcatraz Island (70) San Francisco
Bel Marin Keys (128) Marin
Bel Canyon Reservoir (3) Napa
Benicia Bridge (177) Contra Costa Judith Dunham, Elizabeth Sojourner
Berryessa Pines (168) Napa
Berryessa Resort (175) and other historical sites Napa
Bodega Bay Flat Road (5) Marin
Campbell Ranch northwest (8), Campbell Ranch southeast (8.1) Solano
Chalk Hill Road (9) Sonoma Conner Cimmiyotti
Chiles Creek north (63.1) Napa Nancy Abreu
Cloverdale, River Road (11.2) Sonoma
Congress Valley (68.1), and Congress Valley old site (68) Napa Emiko Condeso, Camrie Mills, Kathleen Mugele, Iris Lombard, Mary Rooney
Cypress Road (160),  Cypress Road South (160.1) Marin Barbara Wechsberg, Ron Mallory
Delta Pond sites (90 and 90.1) Sonoma
DeSilva Island (15) MarinSasha Vitomski
Dover Park (162) Solano
Drakes Estero (94) Marin Scott Jennings
Fitch Mountain North  (31.1) Sonoma
Freezeout Road (16) Sonoma Scott Jennings, Jacob Benning
Gold Hill (29) Solano Tom Slyker, Cheryl Reynolds
Hagen Road (30), Hagen Road West (184) Napa Penny Proteau, Wendy Cole
Keel Court (179) Marin Luanna Helfman
Lake Herman (154) Solano Wally Neville
Lake Nicasio (47), Lake Nicasio North (47.1), Lake Nicasio Pond (186) Marin Ann Linder, Bob Battagin
Lake Hennessey Inlet (190) Napa
Mare Island Sites
(73, 73.2, 73.3, 73.4, 73.5, 73.6, 73.7, 73.8, 135, 161)
Solano Wally Neville, Robin Leong
Oddfellows (145) Sonoma Lucy Kenyon
Olive Hill Lane (183) Napa Penny Proteau, Wendy Cole
Petaluma Wastewater Plant (40) Sonoma Len Nelson, Linda Sheppard
Pope Valley 2 (89) Napa
Raccoon Straits (117), Raccoon Straits Ridge (117.1) Marin Patti Blumin, Sylvie Silverstein
Riverfront Park (110) Sonoma
Sand Point Sites (50, 50.1, 50.2, 50.3) Marin Ellen Blustein
San Pablo Dam east (51), San Pablo Dam west and north (51.1) Contra Costa Phoebe Tanner, Julie Roemer, Lorna Cogen
Seminary (149) Marin
Shuey Drive (176) Contra Costa Judith Dunham
Skaggs Island Eucalyptus (116), Skaggs Island sewage pond (112) Napa
South Kelly (129) Napa Tom Slyker, Claudia Zinn
Tree Farm (137) Marin
Via Palo Linda (107.1) Solano
W. 9th Street, Santa Rosa Sonoma David Lumpkin
Willota Drive (146) and Willota Drive North (146.1) Solano

The latest at Audubon Canyon Ranch

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 11.41.15 PM
February 13, 2023 08:30 am
to 12:00 pm
Bouverie Preserve
February 11, 2023 01:00 pm
to 3:30 pm
Martin Griffin Preserve