Coast-wide evidence of low pH amelioration by seagrass ecosystems


Ricart, A. M.
M. Ward
T. M. Hill
E. Sanford
K. J. Kroeker
Y. Takeshita
S. Merolla
P. Shukla
A. T. Niokawa
K. Elsmore
B. Gaylord

Publication Date: 

Feb 2021

Type of Document: 

Journal Article

Global-scale ocean acidification has spurred interest in the capacity of seagrass ecosystems to increase seawater pH within crucial shoreline habitats through photosynthetic activity. However, the dynamic variability of the coastal carbonate system has impeded generalization into whether seagrass aerobic metabolism ameliorates low pH on physiologically and ecologically relevant timescales. Here we present results of the most extensive study to date of pH modulation by seagrasses, spanning seven meadows (Zostera marina) and 1000 km of U.S. west coast over 6 years.

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Ricart, A. M., M. Ward, T. M. Hill, et al.Coast-wide evidence of low pH amelioration by seagrass ecosystems. Glob Change Biol. 2021;00:1–12.


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