ACR members at the Salt Marsh Advocate level ($120+) and above receive the added benefit of curated nature images from ACR preserves for use in virtual gatherings. Download a photo as a custom background image on virtual conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Skype, and others. 

To download a custom background image, simply hover over the image you like, right-click on your mouse and select "Save image as..." to navigate to a place to save the image. Then refer to specific instructions from your meeting platform to upload/use the background image.

Having trouble downloading a file? Contact Director of Philanthropy Jen Newman by email or by phone at 415-868-9244 ext. 119.

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Thanks for sharing your love of our precious North Bay landscapes, as well as your commitment to protect them!


Great Egrets and decoys placed for GPS tagging activities. Photo: Scott Jennings


Tomales Bay viewed from ACR's Toms Point Preserve. Photo: David Lumpkin


Martin Griffin Preserve, Bourne House. Photo: Arnie Battaglene


Martin Griffin Preserve and Bolinas Lagoon


Bouverie Preserve springtime lupine and oaks. Photo: Paige Green


Bouverie Preserve, doe & fawn at Cougar Pond. Photo: wildlife camera


Modini Preserve sunset after storm. Photo: Michelle Cooper


Modini Preserve late summer sunset. Photo: Michelle Cooper


Modini Preserve, snow day, Feb 2019. Photo: Wendy Coy


Modini Preserve, Ferguson Spring drainage. Photo: Wendy Coy

Photo Credits: 

  • David Lumpkin
  • Michelle Cooper
  • Scott Jennings
  • Arnie Battaglene
  • Wendy Coy
  • Paige Green