Download copies of the HEP Packet and other Heron and Egret Project training materials and data forms. (Click to view or right-click to select 'download.')

HEP Packet, Complete

2018_HEP_Packet (PDF) Everything you need to start observing. Instructions, forms, fact sheets. Mar 23, 2017

HEP Packet, Individual Files

COURTSHIP (PDF) Heron and Egret Courtship Behaviors Feb 25, 2015
FACTSHEET-pics (PDF) Heron and Egret Fact Sheet Feb 19, 2014
HEP_Field_Form2 (PDF) Field form Feb 19, 2014
HEP Season Summary Form6 (PDF) Season Summary Form Feb 19, 2014
2018 Instructions for Field Observers (PDF) Instructions for field observers (2018)  
HERON2018coverLtr (PDF) Cover letter (2018) Mar 23, 2017

Other Presentations

McNear_final (PDF) Great Blue Heron chick development through the stages by Bob Dyer and Len Nelson Feb 25, 2015

Pre-season Training Presentations

HEP_help_02282011SM_website (PDF) Monitoring Tips--in the field help (Sarah) Mar 2, 2011
HepTraining2011_2 (PDF) Monitoring Tips--protocol and field forms (Emiko) Feb 25, 2015
HEP_volunteers_Mtg_MGP_JK_20110222 (PDF) Project overview and natural history (John) Mar 2, 2011
Robinson_NilsenACRtraining2011 (PDF) San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory research (Caitlin) Mar 2, 2011