ACR Director Julie Allecta's estate planning process sparked consideration, resulting in a well thought-out and smart estate plan that takes care of family concerns, plans for Julie's future, and benefits Audubon Canyon Ranch.

Here are some thoughts from Julie on how she came to the decisions she did.


"Consider doing your estate planning now. A huge benefit of estate planning is that it forces one to become organized, and I was amazed at all the employment related benefits that I had accumulated over the years. After pulling the whole picture together, I was able to make a more confidant and generous decision about my gifting to organizations like ACR. "

Have impact

"To me, that means being selective. I wanted to benefit organizations that I think are "doing good" and will do good in the future. And that means I have to select just a few organizations. I'm not interested in making a lot of $100,000 gifts."

"In selecting my "bequeathment" organizations, I looked for organizations that were going to do good for the future, as well as currently had programs in place and were doing something now. So I focused on organizations with a strong current mission and strong balance sheet. It was also important to me to think globally, act locally. I want the benefits of my life's hard work to benefit future generations, but through local organizations."

Think of tax issues

"Make sure that your gifts maximize tax advantages. I have personal beneficiaries and family beneficiaries who come first, ahead of ACR. But I want to make sure that the taxable assets and tax benefits maximize what I want to achieve for all my beneficiaries. So I needed to do a little tax thinking."

Make your gifting intentions known to the beneficiary organizations

"It gives added security to the organizations that I have chosen as my beneficiaries. They know in a real, tangible way that they have support and futures resources. "

Audubon Canyon Ranch thanks Julie for her thoughtful consideration and is honored to enroll her in ACR's Clerin Zumwalt Legacy Circle. The Legacy Circle recognizes all donors who have remembered ACR in their estate plans.