Forms for visiting Bouverie Preserve

Forms for visiting Martin Griffin Preserve

Independent Kit (lesson plan)
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Specific to ACR

  • ACR Egret Research Graphing Lesson — This lesson meets 3rd grade Common Core Math standards while introducing students to the work of ACR’s avian biologists. Students graph data and interpret data of when our scientists captured Great Egrets for their telemetry study.
  • Thriving with Fire — For teachers visiting the Bouverie Preserve. Please show the first two episodes (Born in Fire and Wildlife Survives) to your students before their Preserve visit. Ask students to look for both the signs of fire and the signs of recovery from the fire during their visit.
  • Martin Griffin Preserve Teacher Manual (rev. Aug 2019)

Websites with great lessons

Recommended Videos

Videos you may want to show your class before or after your visit of the organisms found on ACR preserves:

Deep Look programs by PBS - all professional and excellent. (linked on YouTube.)