Audubon Canyon Ranch Raven Project


Kelly, J. P., Roth, J. E.

Publication Date:
Jan 2001

The modification of natural landscapes by humans has led to changes in habitat quality and quantity that adversely affect many avian species, while other species benefit from such changes. For example, corvid populations are increasing throughout much of the United States, apparently because of their ability to exploit a variety of human-produced food sources. In addition, many corvids are opportunistic predators on other avian species and have the potential to adversely affect their populations. This effect is especially pronounced in depleted populations such as the Snowy Plover in Point Reyes National Seashore, which declined 32% from 1986-2000 largely because of nest predation by ravens.

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Technical Report

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Kelly, J. P., and J. E. Roth. 2001. Audubon Canyon Ranch Raven Project. ACR Tech. Rpt. 98-9-2. Audubon Canyon Ranch, P.O. Box 808, Marshall, CA 94940.