ACR biologists and a select crew of dedicated volunteer expert birders have monitored landbird populations in the central Mayacamas Mountains since 2011.



Why monitor landbirds?

The avian community in any area is shaped by both the species composition and the physical structure of the plant community in that area. The Mayacamas Mountains around ACR’s Modini Preserve hold a unique and diverse community of birds. Our landbird monitoring surveys span a cross-section of elevations and habitats, and the resulting data can help us understand how changes in the plant community (through intentional management or unintentional factors) in turn affects animal communities.


In recent years, this study has taken on a new dimension as the 2019 Kincade Fire burned much of the area where these surveys are done. Our several years of pre-fire data provide a valuable baseline to evaluate how the bird community responds to large landscape changes such as wildfire.

What our data show:

We are waiting to collect additional years of post-fire data before doing a formal analysis. When we look at the species that we most-commonly detect, we find that numbers are generally stable.