Status of waterbirds on Tomales Bay, California


Kelly, J. P.

Publication Date: 

Jan 1998

Type of Document: 

Conference Proceedings

We analyzed patterns of abundance and distribution of wintering waterbirds in Tomales Bay, California, based on 21 baywide winter surveys over 7 years from 1989-90 to 1995-96. Total waterbird abundances averaged 21,943 (min. = 14,842, max. = 25,553), excluding shorebirds and gulls. Mean waterbird density was 770 birds/km2 with the greatest concentrations along the east shore and in the area of the Bay between Pelican Point and Tom’s Point. Surf Scoter, Bufflehead, and Greater Scaup together accounted for 70% of the total waterbirds. Aerial count data from the U. S.


Kelly, J. P. 1998. Status of waterbirds on Tomales Bay, California. Abstract in Thomas, T., ed. Symposium on Current Research in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. September 10, 1998. San Francisco, CA.



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