ACR members were treated to gorgeous views, glassy bay waters and lessons in natural history recently on the annual Members-only Kayak Tour of Tomales Bay.



Picnic lunch at Pelican Point, rising coastal fog and good company made for a perfect day spent outside.

ACR Director of Conservation Science John Kelly and Board Member Jude Stalker reminded us that 60 years ago, massive development plans for the east side of the bay would have made for quite a different view…plans that were halted by ACR founders, benefactors and local conservationists.

Today, ACR's properties along the Tomales Bay shoreline number more than a dozen and protect roughly 500 acres of valuable habitat areas. The terrain includes sandy beaches, mudflats, tidal wetlands and coastal uplands—most notably at Cypress Grove, Toms Point, Walker Creek Delta and Olema Marsh. The Tomales Bay estuary offers extraordinary opportunities for conservation biology due to its simple shape, intermediate size, biological richness and undisturbed quality relative to the nearby San Francisco Bay.


The Conservation Science program of Audubon Canyon Ranch is headquartered at ACR's Cypress Grove Research Center on Tomales Bay. There, ACR scientists, colleagues, students and volunteers study the local status and ecology of wintering and migrant shorebirds and waterbirds, and the restoration of tidal marshes on the bay.

Many thanks to our friends at Blue Waters Kayaking for sharing their gear and to ACR supporters, who make the ACR mission possible!

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