Devolver el fuego a los pastizales costeros 

Devolver el fuego a los pastizales costeros 

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This story is the second in a 2-part series about California’s coastal prairies, home to North America’s most species-rich grasslands, and their entanglement with humans and fire. Learn more in Part 1: Entangled coastal grasslands. 

Five years of restoring coastal prairies at Martin Griffin Preserve 

Like the changing environment, we’re adapting our approach to conservation at Audubon Canyon Ranch. Our stewardship activities at Martin Griffin Preserve since 2018 aim to restore dwindling grasslands crucial to watershed health and ecosystem resilience by returning good fire to the land.  

Join us in this look at the last five years of coastal prairie restoration at Martin Griffin Preserve to tend the nuanced needs of this fire-dependent ecosystem. Our interactive StoryMap explores a timeline of strategic experimentation and adaptive stewardship that unfolded, and how a unique prescription was designed by our prescribed fire ecologists and implemented with community partners. 

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