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A new study reveals a decline since 1970 of nearly 3 billion North Americans birds. Shorebirds are not immune, with a nearly 65% decline seen in ACR's surveys of Tomales Bay. It’s up to all of us to make sure that results of monitoring work like this are heard by those who can influence stewardship practices.
Archeological excavations on Toms Point, Tomales Bay are revealing the cultural importance—both historic and contemporary—of places like Toms Point to native people of California. The work of Tsim Schneider, Lee Panich and team recently was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Say Hello! to P19, the male offspring of P1, Sonoma's Super Mama and P5, the resident male in the area. The Living with Lions team captured and collared P1’s 13-month-old offspring on Wednesday evening.

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