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Over the past six months, ACR’s Board of Directors interviewed several firms and chose Siegel & Strain because of their impressive track record of innovative and functional design, creative solutions for indoor/outdoor flow, sensitive handling of site and cultural history, and deep commitment to framing a vision that is uniquely ACR’s.
Our plan to conduct a 9.5 acre controlled burn at Martin Griffin Preserve looks favorable for this Sunday, October 20, 2019. If weather conditions permit, ACR will be joined by more than 20 firefighters from partner organizations, local fire districts and our volunteer wildland firefighting team to burn understory growth located midway up the Bourne Ridge.
Our first look at a new litter of kittens born to P4 in July in the Mt. Veeder area of Napa County. Mom and kittens enjoy a deer feast, one of many she will provide for these hungry kittens for the next year, until they are ready to disperse.

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